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All About Websites

The internet is a big place - and no doubt, you want your share of it.  Businesses can often stand to benefit the most, since having a website can be a sort of virtual 'front door' for people to find the service, but there's nothing wrong with putting yourself personally out there.

All things considered however, it's much easier to have in mind what type of website is needed than to actually construct it from the ground up.  If it were still 1991, designing a website in Microsoft Word and putting it online might cut it, but no longer so.  To compete and stand out, you need a site that's clean, stylish and that reflects you - as a person or business.  It needs to be optimized for search engines, and readily available to anyone looking for you!

Rather than design a website with proprietary software and then put it online, untouchable to all except those who hold the "keys" of that software, Alphabyte specializes in a particular style of website.  When we build a site, it's editable and changeable with a few clicks of the mouse, from any computer with internet access.  Want to alter a page?  Forget calling up technical support, explaining your change to them, and then waiting for someone to get around to it.  Furthermore, you won't need a knowledge of anything more in-depth than a word processor.  If you can send e-mails, you'll be able to helm your (or your business's) own website!  Interested?  Ask Alphabyte for a demo of this technology!

To cap it all off, Alphabyte does hosting as well.  Whether you need a virtual "cloud" disk for safe, secure online storage or just want a place to cost-effectively base your website, Alphabyte has you covered.  Reasonable, competitive rates coupled with personal service make this a winning choice - and as an added bonus, Alphabyte's hosting servers are over 100% green!

Check the prices page for a general list of costs associated with getting a website up and running, and see how easy it could be to jump-start your online presence - whether it be with a forum, blog, online shopping center, or just a showcase for you or your business.    Better yet, contact Alphabyte for a free estimate!

your web

Welcome to the internet!  Browsing around has been great, but now you want a website of your own.  Let Alphabyte take care of it - you don't need to lift a finger, other than decide what you want your website address to be.  From registration to hosting to maintenance to design, Alphabyte can handle it for you.  And the best part - you don't need any special software to be in charge.

  Alphabyte specializes in a unique type of website that delivers performance and quality, and lets you - the owner - log in from any internet enabled computer.  Once logged in, you can browse the site as normal, or jump in and make any changes you want.  Publish your alterations and see them instantly take effect.  No need to call tech support or any of the other digital acrobatics usually associated with websites.  If you can run Microsoft Word, you'll have no problems here.  If you can't... guess what?  Alphabyte can handle that for you too.

  E-mail today for an estimate, or to ask any questions you might have!