Physical Repair

Let Alphabyte repair your computer troubles

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If you talk to a name brand technician about computer troubles, all too often you find that buying a brand new computer or laptop seems to be the only way to go. Along with that come added fees to transfer your files and programs, not to mention waiting until all this actually transpires.

Instead, talk to Alphabyte! With years of experience right down to component level, your computer can be repaired. Lightning-struck motherboards have been replaced, with all the data intact. Failing hard drives have been copied, with no documents lost. Upgraded system parts can give you a boost in speed and performance.

Buying a new piece of equipment does not have to be the answer! Talk to Alphabyte, and we'll work with you to develop a custom solution based entirely around your unique situation.

Desktops and laptops alike, there's no project that is too difficult! With Alphabyte's no-pay promise, if your particular case can't be fixed, you won't be asked to pay for labor.