Remote Repair

Alphabyte can fix your computer remotely

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If your computer isn't acting right but you still have internet access - either at home or in the office - a cost-effective option may be to allow Alphabyte to remotely take control of the machine in question and repair it for a low, flat fee.

If the cost to travel is prohibitive or if the problem just can't wait, give Alphabyte a call to see if a remote repair is the answer.

The proceedure is simple, and consists of just a few steps:

  • Pre-pay the $30 remote service fee using PayPal, a secure world-leader in credit card processing
  • You will be given a support ID code and a website to log-in with
  • Sit back and watch while Alphabyte solves your problem!

At all times you will be in communication, either on the phone or using the remote support's built-in chat feature and of course if it can't be fixed, you won't pay.  PayPal refunds are instant and at no cost to you, the client. In the end, it's a no-lose situation!