Alphabyte can recover or backup data

Important Data icon_recover.png

When a computer goes down, it's not just that the machine isn't working any longer. Often times, there are important or even critical files that simply cannot be given up and started over on! Timely, offsite backups can be instrumental in mitigating this challenge, but sometimes even the best-laid plans can fail to prepare for unforseen circumstances.

Alphabyte has a wide range of resources to recover data from disk drives, both desktop and laptop, of all age. Often times a new drive can be introduced to the system with no loss of data and no need to reinstall Windows or other programs! In other situations, the operating system may need to be reinstalled, but personal documents and important files can be brought over from the original drive.

If necessary, a hard copy of an entire hard drive can be made, either to a new drive or a collection of DVD optical discs, and furnished either separately or along with the restored computer.