Alphabyte services and repair for laptops

Laptops are seeing more and more use, especially as classrooms and workplaces adopt them as part of a day-to-day experience.  While that's great - portability is always nice - the downside is that sometimes a laptop is even more of a challenge than a desktop machine.  What happens when the screen cracks, or the keyboard stops working?  Don't worry - Alphabyte can take care of that for you, as well as a host of other problems and their corresponding needs!  

Laptop Computers


Laptops - freedom to move computing power from one location to the next!  It's no stretch to suggest that the laptop computer has revolutionized life in general.  Unfortunately, that same mobility means your expensive, thousand-dollar piece of equipment is subjected to drops, falls, spills, theft, heat, cold and many other dangers.

Thankfully, Alphabyte is here to step in.  When you ship off your laptop to be repaired, even for something as minor as a keyboard replacement, the majority of the time the manufacturer is going to reformat your machine.  That's all fine, except for the fact that all of your hard-earned data is gone!  Why spend the downtime waiting to get your laptop shipped out - wait a week for the repair - and shipped back?  Alphabyte can fix any discrete component in any laptop, from the screen to the motherboard.

And how about upgrades?  While laptops are pretty limited in what can be changed, Alphabyte can increase system performance by installing more memory, upgrade hard drive space, and even - depending on make and model - install a more powerful processor!


  • Clean - over time, a computer gets slowed down by programs or simple age.  A simple tune-up is often all that's needed to restore quite a bit of functionality.  A computer clean is a fixed-cost process that can be done in-house, with no need to remove the machine in virtually all cases.
  • Disinfect - viruses, mal-ware, spy-ware, the list of assaults that you as a computer user has to deal with are seemingly endless.  They come in all grades too - from simplistic attacks that can be repaired in minutes to much more sophisticated programs that will disable your anti-virus and prevent you from visiting any website that might help you cure your problems.  A computer disinfection is invoiced per hour, with an up-front estimate available.  Some extreme cases require that the machine be brought to a workbench, but often the repair can happen in-house.
  • Repair (Hardware) - sometimes, things break.  That's pretty much been true ever since machinery became a fact of everyday life, and computers are no exception.  Inside computers are many different parts, and any one of them can fail.  When that happens, don't write off the whole machine as foregone!  Replacing the one failed part, whether it be hard drive, video card, network controller, system memory or any thing else will nearly always be much less expensive than buying another computer outright.  Alphabyte offers up-front estimates for component repair, as well as expedited turn-around time if necessary.
  • Repair (Software) - Windows, Excel, Word, QuickBooks - these are just four out of literally thousands of software programs available.  From games to productivity to education, there's seemingly no limit to the options.  Unfortunately, sometimes things don't go quite right, and a program that's functioned perfectly well will cease to do so.  Rather than giving up, let Alphabyte take a look.  It could be a quick fix to get everything back up and running!  As always, estimates are available, and for most non-core software programs, in-house repair is a viable option.
  • Backup - whether you're choosing to send off a machine for manufacturer repair, looking at migrating data to a new machine or just want peace of mind, Alphabyte can back up your data.  Either specify which files you want archived (for example: "pictures and video", or "all Microsoft Excel files"), or let us archive an entire hard drive.  Archival media can be DVD or CD set, portable USB or SD, removable hard drive, or physical hard drive.  Backup is a fixed-cost service, but usually requires a workbench hook up.
  • Upgrade - who needs a new computer?  Not you, if having a bit more system memory is all it will take to boost performance.  Alphabyte offers free system evaluations, and can tell you up front what kind of a performance increase you can expect.  Some upgrades, such as memory and video cards, can be performed in-house while others require workbench tools.  Estimates are available, of course!
  • Training - whether you're new to the computing scene in general, or just need a little help wrapping your mind around a new piece of hardware or software, Alphabyte offers on-site training at a fixed hourly cost.  It doesn't matter what you want to learn - just ask!


Laptop Specific

Given the enclosed nature of laptops, many people feel more comfortable maintaining a backup of the hard drive.  That makes good sense - a laptop can be lost, stolen, dropped or endangered in many more ways than a typical desktop can!  Alphabyte can copy the data from a laptop into a second hard drive, then enclose that backup and return it to you, the customer.  If anything should happen to the laptop, it's a simple matter to restore the information as it exists on the backup!

In addition, though custom-built laptops are beyond the scope of everyday life, Alphabyte is comfortable designing a laptop order from a manufacturer based on the needs of the customer.  We can even receive the order, set it up as needed, and deliver it - ready to go!