Game Systems

There's Computers Everywhere, These Days...

Sometimes, it's not just your personal PC or Laptop that gives you trouble, but one of the many other things that may happen to house computer components within them.

Well, if your issue happens to center around a game console, you just may well be in luck!  Alphabyte can fix, repair or replace specific components of most major consoles. With the repair guarantee that sets Alphabyte beyond the competition, there's no downside to having us investigate!

By far the most common issue Alphabyte resolves is the infamous "Red Ring of Death" that plagues X-Box 360 users to this very day.  Our solution is non-damaging to the internal parts (the so-called Towel Trick runs a very real risk of permenantly melting many components, and should never be attempted, for any reason!) and we can resolve both original systems and consoles that have previously been repaired.

Send an e-mail or give a call to see how quickly you can be back up and gaming.