All About Alphabyte

At the Core

Alphabyte is about offering a wide range of computer- and technology-related services at an affordable price. No project is too big or small, and Alphabyte can tackle literally everything - from a simple virus repair on a home desktop to an office-wide network setup and testing scenario.

Along with the services comes something else - true service that just isn't found many other places. For example, while nearly every other computer shop charges a large and sometimes unrealistic "service fee" just for taking a look at a project, Alphabyte believes that if work can't be done, money shouldn't be earned. That's the "no-fix, no-charge" guarantee, and it's just one of the many things Alphabyte does to make sure that you (or your company) is taken care of just as well as your electronics are.

In the pages listed to the right, you should be able to find answers to just about anything, but if you've still got questions, head on over to the Contact page and submit a question. For an even more immediate response, call Alphabyte directly, using the number at the bottom of the site!