• "Informative, helpful,

    thorough and above all, reasonably priced.

    Alphabyte's Design team was able to completely renovate and migrate an existing website in record time, all while understanding our need to keep costs as low as possible. In the current economy, that is an asset we appreciated greatly!"

  • "When it comes to solving computer problems

    Alphabyte Computers gets the job done.

    When my personal computer needed repair, a name brand store nearby said it would take a week or longer - and that my data would be lost, unless I paid them to back it up. Alphabyte Computers made a fail-safe backup of my files at no cost, and then proceeded to restore the computer to working order in 48 hours. Never even needed the backup files in the end!"

  • "Pickup and delivery

    is a lifesaver for my schedule.

    Even on a long drive, the price is reasonable and it's a great personal connection as well."

  • "It has been a pleasure

    working with you on our website these past four years.

    Your patience and explanations have gone a long way towards helping me understand the processes involved, and you have never allowed the distance between us and Alphabyte to negatively impact our projects. I recommend you to anyone who needs a new website, or even just an update to an existing site! Thank you for sharing your time and expertise."




If your computer needs software installed, tuned up, or just flat-out repaired, Alphabyte can help! Alphabyte can diagnose and replace anything from single componets on up to complete and custom system builds for individuals or business environments. As always, with free quotes and estimates as well as a "no-repair, no-cost" policy, there's zero risk to you.

icon_flight.pngPickup / Delivery

Let Alphabyte do the traveling!


Data loss can be a crippling occurance. Thankfully, Alphabyte has a full suite of tools to help recover files off of a dead or damaged computer or laptop! Alphabyte can reinstall Windows and place your personal files back where they belong, or return to you a complete hardcopy archive of your drive on either optical media or a new hard drive.


If it can't be fixed, you won't pay!


At a low flat rate, Alphabyte offers complete PC security for desktops or laptops. Have your choice of Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Firewall programs installed on your machine, or let Alphabyte suggest tailored, low-cost solutions. System scans are performed prior to these installations so you get your computer back clean - and it stays that way.


Call, e-mail - anytime!

Whatever you need . . . done!

Here at Alphabyte, I strive to deliver the most complete service possible, at the best price.  Not everyone has the same resources as a full-fledged company, but today nearly everyone has a computer.  Furthermore, while it would be nice if computers would just fix themselves, that's just not how it works.

So what do you do, if your computer or laptop breaks?

Your computer manufacturer would like you to send it back to them for service, but that's asking you to put up with a long downtime, and if you are out of warranty, it can turn very expensive, very fast.  And one of the first things they want to do is remove all the information on your machine and put it to 'like new' condition - all well and good, except what to do about all your files?

You could always bring the computer to a local shop, but depending on where you live that could mean hours out of your day, and with hourly rates that seem to start high and go even higher, that can quickly become nearly as expensive as shipping it off to the manufacturer.

Here's an idea I would like you to consider - give Alphabyte a call.  With affordable rates and supremely flexible options for getting the machine fixed, many times it won't even have to leave your house or place of business.  If it does need to put it on a workbench, Alphabyte is able to pick up and deliver it if necessary. I am local to the Whitewater, Madison, Milwaukee, and Janesville areas of Wisconsin!

Browse this website for some more information about the services here, and if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!